Offering an Array of Bespoke Services

Arius has developed proprietary ultra-high-resolution art capture technology, which accurately records the surface colour and geometry of paintings and art objects. Endorsed by world-leading conservators, our data-rich Digital Master Files are ready to be utilized by a number of disciplines in the art world – from conservation and restoration to creation and reproduction.

“The 3D mapping and digitization process that Arius can provide reveals micron-level topographic and color details which are invisible to the human eye.”

- Forbes; Nicole Bouchard, Senior Director Product Strategy and Technology at Crozier

Elevated Printing

Arius’ team of engineers offer an opportunity for professional artists to combine digital and physical mediums to create textured fine art Elegraph™ print editions. Our elevated printing services are designed to enable digital and physical artists to create original prints with texture or highly accurate reproductions.

Digitization & NFTs

Art Digital Master File data can be tokenized in the blockchain. The scan links the data to the physical piece and any traditional provenance material associated with that work. It enables the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects, opening the possibility of digital trade in physical art. Arius can provide digital fingerprints of painting surfaces, helping combat art fraud by aiding detection of forgeries and underpinning provenance.

Physical and Digital Conservation

We utilize Art Digital Master Files to digitally turn back time on artwork. Together we can develop and implement virtual restoration plans and prototypes, before even touching the surface of the original artwork. Our Digital Master Files are high-fidelity digital benchmarks, assisting the preservation of artworks for future generations, even in the face of unforeseen damage and natural degradation.