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New! Jylian Gustlin Collaboration


On July 14, Jylian Gustlin is launching her first collection of Elegraph™ prints and Elegrapgh-D artwork NFTs with alta, our creative studio.


Titled "Art Living Between the Digital and Tactile Worlds", Jylian collaborated with our alta studio to bridge analog and digital creation. Using ADMF™ technology, alta digitized three hand-painted acrylic backgrounds and five free-form textile figures, before combining the figures with backgrounds through digital collage. The result is a Limited Edition series of 5 textured Elegraph™ Prints and Elegraph-D artwork NFTs.

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In partnership with Crozier, a global leader in fine arts logistics, Arius is providing art collectors and gallerists access to ultra-high-resolution scanning, replication, and visualization technology, previously unavailable to the commercial art world.

Our ADMF™ data is the ultra-high-resolution link between the physical and digital art worlds. Enabling the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects, we’re opening up the possibility of digital trade in physical art.

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Arius has developed proprietary ultra-high-resolution art capture technology, which accurately records the surface colour and geometry of paintings and art objects.

Endorsed by world-leading conservators, our Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data is ready to be utilized by a number of disciplines in the art world – from conservation and restoration to creation and replication.

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Condition Analysis

Conservators can utilize ultra-high-fidelity scan data, which captures details as fine as 1/10 of a human hair. Even the earliest signs of degradation can be detected without touching the painting surface.

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Digital Restoration

Utilize ADMF data to digitally turn back time. Together we can develop and implement virtual restoration plans and digital prototypes, before even touching the surface of the original artwork.

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Textured Reproductions

Our textured replications offer the art world endless opportunities. From helping artists take their works from studios to homes, to helping museums create unique tactile, more exciting and interactive exhibitions.

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Created in collaboration with Tate, you can admire the works of iconic British masters and globally celebrated artists while being anywhere in the world.

Discover the latest Arius collection of Géomatique textured art prints in this unique selection of Certified Tate Museum Special Editions. Now available to order in North America.



With technology originating from a research project on the Mona Lisa, Arius is a world leader in art digitization.

Our state-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis platform has been developed in conjunction with major art institutions and has broad application throughout the art world.

With a deeply rooted passion for art, we’re also devoted to collaborating with museums, collectors, and artists for the preservation and creation of art, helping to make art more accessible while developing and maintaining an art-rich culture around the globe.


Originally developed for a forensic analysis of the Mona Lisa

Captures the surface detail to 10 microns - that’s 1/10th of a human hair!

Our low-level laser scan is equal to just one hour of museum light exposure

ADMF data consists of hundreds of millions of data points



We are proud of the accomplishments our team has achieved so far. With deep knowledge in art data capture and broad applications of Arius Art Digital Master Files (ADMF™), we’ve got some incredible stories to tell.




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