Mission-Driven and People-Focussed

With the foundations of our technology rooted in the forensic analysis of the Mona Lisa, Arius takes pride in developing the world’s most sophisticated optics-based art capture technology. Engineered and built in Vancouver, our ultra-high-resolution data capture platform accurately measures the surface geometry and colour of paintings. Our electronic digital art file is the ultra-high-resolution link between the physical and digital art worlds. We offer the most advanced scanning services available for the examination, conservation, documentation, reproduction, and visualization of art. This data can also be tokenized in the blockchain, enabling the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects. We’re opening the possibility of digital trade in physical art.

"The techniques Arius have developed for collecting data provides us with the highest level of accuracy for the physical condition of artworks. Making the record of data they create public, also helps validate and strengthen the trust that the credible market players already have.”

- Hyperallergic Magazine, Artory CEO Nanne Dekking

Cultural Conservation

Our high-fidelity digital benchmarks assist in the conservation of artworks in the face of unforeseen damage and natural deterioration.


We develop and implement restoration frameworks, before even touching the surface of the original artwork

Accessibility Engagement

Digital democratization of the art world by improving accessibility and strengthening engagement

Future-Proofing the Art World

We enable the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects, opening the possibility of digital trade in physical art.

Our Team of Experts in Art and Technology