Identik 300R
Portable 3D Color Scanner

Arius3D® Identik™ 300 short range 3D color scanner – The world's only 3D scanner with direct laser color measurement.

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Extreme Z

Laser based triangulation enables reliable 3D measurements of less than 10 microns.

Ordered Data

Point data samples are collected at precise intervals resulting in data perfectly ordered for mathematical processing or conversion to polygons.

Geometry-to-Color Registration

Geometry and color are simultaneously captured for each point and are therefore perfectly aligned.

Deep Color

12-bit values are collected for color red, green and blue, resulting in 4096 levels of greyscale for each.

Laser Illumination

The laser beam has high color stability, protecting measurements from errors caused by variances in light color, stability, or direction.

Color Accuracy

Individual color measurements avoid color camera artifacts such as compound reflections of adjacent surfaces, surface normals and filter interpolation.

Depth of View
Depth of View 60mm
Standoff to Center of DOV 130mm
Scan Line Length 80mm to 110mm
Scan Patch Width 170mm to 190mm
Measurement Rate 6,600 points / second
Range Resolution 10 microns
Measurement Frequency (max.) 500 DPI
Laser Wavelengths 450, 532, 638 nm.
Total Laser Power (R+G+B) 4.5 mW. (class IIIr)
Color Resolution 24 and 36 bit
Output Format ASCII XYZRGB (sRGB)
System Size (LxWxH) 343 x 200 x 260mm
Scanner Head Weight 11 Kg.