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Making Art More Accessible

Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data can be used to create high-fidelity textured replications that capture the geometry and colour of an artist’s brushstrokes. Such technology helps protect and preserve humanity’s most precious cultural assets and empowers both museums and artists to make art accessible to wider audiences.

Delicate works of art can be safely stored in a gallery setting or specialist art storage facilities, while high-fidelity textured replications can be used to take art outside the museum and into the community. From classrooms and educational programs to hospitals and prisons, there are endless opportunities for our prints to help develop and maintain an art rich-culture anywhere in the world. 

Art collectors can work directly with Arius to enjoy their favourite artworks in several locations around the world, whether it’s on their superyacht or to share a special heirloom with loved ones.

We’re also proud to be collaborating with contemporary artists to make their art more accessible by creating Limited Editions of textured art prints. Through our Verus Art brand, artists will be able to reach new audiences and offer followers works at more affordable prices through select boutiques around the world.


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