With the foundations of our technology rooted in the forensic analysis of the Mona Lisa, Arius takes pride in developing the world’s most sophisticated optics-based art capture technology. Engineered and built in Vancouver, BC, our ultra-high-resolution data capture platform accurately measures the surface geometry and colour of paintings and art objects. 

Developed in collaboration with world-renowned conservators by a team of both engineers and artists, we thrive in an environment where the left and right sides of our brains meet. Together we work harmoniously to create technology that can be utilized by the art world in a plethora of ways. 

Introducing the Arius Digital Master File

Why Arius? 

Our data-rich Digital Master Files are backed with deep knowledge and have broad application. 

+ Digitally Archive Artwork

+ New Standards in Condition Reporting

+  Prototype Digital Restorations

+ Create Tactile Artwork for Visually Impaired

+ Build a Cultural Seed Bank  

+ Enjoy Art Anywhere in the World

+ Better Protect and Preserve Art

+ Make Art More Accessible

+ Create High-Fidelity Textured Reproductions

+ Improve Art Market Transparency

+ Combat Art Fraud with Digital Fingerprinting

+ Identify Future Conservation Issues 


“It’s the richest reprographic technology on the planet today.”

Stephen Gritt, Director of Conservation and Technical Research, National Gallery of Canada


Discuss how we can collaborate to utilize Arius Digital Master Files for your organization.

Our platform records surface geometry and colour for millions of data points per painting

The Arius team digitizes the data from our museum-approved art data capture platform.

The Arius Digital Master File is safely stored and utilized for one, or many, art applications.