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Re-Creating Great Masters and Canadian Heroes

Our collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada is a glowing example of how we can work together with museums to help conserve fine art, support future education and outreach programs and provide commercial opportunities.

Digitizing works by great masters, like Van Gogh and Monet, we worked closely with Stephen Gritt, Director of Conservation and Technical Research, and his team to refine our system to securely and safely hold paintings which are priceless. 

Our image processing team then used our Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data to generate textured renders of each painting, which allowed the Gallery to create digital back-ups of the scanned artworks. Our team also used this data in collaboration with our textured print partner, to effectively ‘re-create’ the brushstrokes of some of the world’s most loved artists and the museum receives royalties.

This opportunity has been utilized to generate revenue by offering limited edition prints via the gallery store and Arius’ online store. We’ve also taken part of the collection into local Vancouver schools, ensuring children that might not ever get the opportunity to visit the museum are able to access highlights of Canada’s national art collection, which is housed on the other side of the country in Ottawa. 

Our team also worked with the National Gallery of Canada on our first digital restoration project, using our ADMF data to locate and digitally ‘erase’ tiny spots of oxidization occurring on the painting surface. 


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