Seeing Double with Iconic Dutch Masterpieces

Home to the world’s great collection of works from the Dutch Masters, The Mauritshuis is famously a world-leader in adopting new technology for research and to make their collection more accessible. 

Using the same textured printing technique as our National Gallery of Canada collection, the Mauritshuis has re-created their most iconic works: the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, and “The Goldfinch” by Carel Fabritius. Both of which are available to purchase through the museum store, and our online store.

With access to high-fidelity textured replications, The Maurtishuis has been able to experiment with some fascinating projects. In 2018, they hosted the “Girl in the Spotlight” exhibition, which featured a glass-walled laboratory on the floor of the public area of the museum, through which visitors could watch forensic analysis taking place on the original painting. Meanwhile, visitors were still able to get a close look, and take selfies with "The Girl" by utilizing the replication of the painting, which hung in place while the original was temporarily off display. 


Leading a trend in the museum world, other museums have since launched successful immersive conservation exhibitions, like the 2019 Rijksmuseum “Operation Night Watch” Rembrandt exhibition. 

In another fun collaboration, The Mauritshuis was able to work with Warner Brothers to supply high-fidelity replication of “The Goldfinch” for the 2019 movie release of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer prize novel.

Discover Textured Replications of
"Girl With A Pearl Earring"