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World-Leading Textured Printing Services 

Discover Arius’ elevated printing services, designed to enable both digital and physical artists to create original prints with texture or highly accurate replications. Utilizing world-leading printing technology, Arius is home to Canon’s only high-elevation printer in North America. 

Based at our Vancouver facility in Richmond, BC, this exciting new technology makes it possible for photographers, digital native artists, and AI iterative artists to print their works with fine art colour and texture. Likewise, traditional physical artists can work with the Arius alta™ studio team to iterate physical works into original print series. In addition, collectors and art institutions can create highly accurate replications of original textured work.


The limits of our technology are bound only by your imagination.

Jylian Gustlin Elegraph Print Series printed at Arius 900 x 1000.png

Arius Elevated Print Service

Designed for traditional and digital artists around the world.

+ High-resolution printing with up to 5mm of texture.

+ Canon’s rich pigments and UV-resistant archival inks.  

+ 2-week processing time from order confirmation. 

+ Available to artists providing print-ready files.

+ Open to artists, museums, and galleries worldwide.

+ North America's only Canon licensed high-elevation

   Eiger-configured printer.

+ Compatible with Arius Art Digital Master File       (ADMF™) data and digitization services.

+ Create Original Elegraph™ Print editions with       alta™ Creative Studio.

+ Create High-Fidelity Textured Replications

+ Link NFTs to Physical Art Objects.

+  Prototype Digital Restorations

Elevated Printing Inquiries

Arius is now accepting bespoke Elevated Print orders. Click the button below to visit our Elevated Printing order page and request a custom quote for your project. After submitting your inquiry you will receive instructions for sharing your files with our team. Printing specifications and guidance can be found below, and on the Elevated Print order page.


We aim to review all inquiries in a timely manner and will follow up with a printing quote and additional project information. Please contact our team if you have any questions or require additional support.

Ready-To-Print Specifications

Print-ready files can be sent to our Vancouver printing facility from anywhere in the world! Artists working in digital formats can unlock a new avenue of elevated printing! 

Our print-ready file specification is generally based on the following requirements: 

+ Colour file: 8bit tiff file, RGB (Adobe RBG1998 colour space)

+ Elevation file: 16bit tiff grayscale file

   > White (White pixel): 16bit = 65535 and RGB (255,255,255) corresponds to a height of 0 mm

   > Black (Black pixel):  16bit = 0 and RGB = (0,0,0) corresponds to the highest point

+ Max Height Specification File-Text file 

+ Files can be accepted by Arius at resolutions of 250/254dpi, 400 dpi, or 500/508dpi

Files must adhere to Arius' Minimum to Maximum print sizes & elevation:

   > Minimum Size-305mm (12”) x 305mm (12”)

   > Maximum Size-2433mm (95.8”) x 1193mm (47”)

   > Maximum elevation (height)- 5mm (0.20”)

Standard backing Substrate- Genuine 3A White Dibond, matte finish, 3.2mm (0.125”) thickness. Prints near our maximum dimensions may require a thicker Dibond substrate.

+ Non-printed border addition to tiff files for cutting. Typically a 4 pixel (at 254dpi) white border.

Please complete our inquiry form (above) to receive more information and spec requirements appropriate to the details of your project.

Learn How to Create an Elevated Photographic Print

North America’s Highest Elevated Printing Technology

Following a historical relationship and extensive collaboration with Canon Production Printing, Arius Technology has installed the only Eiger-configured Canon Arizona 660GT printer in North America. 

“The Arizona series features a number of award-winning technologies... Arius’ custom-configured Arizona flatbed printer takes elevated printing to the next level and adds new dimensions to artists’ work. Canon technology has earned industry recognition for its outstanding colour accuracy and print quality. Merging that with Arius’ ultra-high-resolution art capture technology opens new opportunities for the creative community."  


Nobuhiko Kitajima

President and CEO of Canon Canada.

Based in our new print production facility, in Richmond B.C, this cutting-edge technology is capable of high-resolution printing with up to 5mm of texture. Teamed with Canon’s world-famous printing quality, with rich pigments and UV-resistant archival inks, we’re excited to make this unique print medium more accessible to artists around the world. Learn more about our partnership with Canon.

alta™ Elegraph™ Printmaking

Our alta™ studio was born from a desire to offer physical and digital artists the chance to create with our technology and team. Elegraph™ printmaking allows artists to make fine art print editions, with texture, and Elegraph™-D artwork NFTs.

Learn more about our alta studio and explore recent collaborations with artists around the world!

Working closely with our art production team, artists can entwine traditional artistic processes with advanced technologies.


Utilizing our Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data and in-house elevated printing services, artists can create textured fine art prints that capture the power of the artist’s hand and remain true to the artist’s vision.

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