Digital Preservation & Archiving

Arius Digital Master Files are essentially high-fidelity digital fingerprints, assisting the preservation of artworks for future generations, even in the face of unforeseen damage and natural degradation.

Together, we can help museums, artists and collectors create a “cultural seed bank” by accurately digitizing artworks to safeguard against the unknown.

Our versatile Digital Master Files offer solutions to even the most tragic of outcomes. In the face of disaster in which artworks are destroyed or damaged beyond repair, our data can still be utilized by the conservation community to retain special knowledge and history that is tied to individual artworks. 

Our textured reproductions help take preservation a step further, allowing the world to visually appreciate what the painting would have looked like before damage or loss. While we appreciate the magic of an original can never truly be replicated, we believe our technology offers an opportunity to fill a void, with the ability to reproduce the colour and geometry that the artist created in an original piece.