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Ultra-High-Resolution Fine Art Scanning

In partnership with Crozier, a global leader in fine arts logistics, Arius is providing art collectors and gallerists access to ultra-high-resolution scanning and visualization technology, previously unavailable to the commercial art world.

Originally developed for the forensic analysis of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, we have developed this conservation-quality imaging technology with leading museums, including Tate and The National Gallery of Canada, to advance the value and capability of the system for art collectors around the world.

Arius Services Available to Crozier Clients


Crozier is inviting clients to inquire about ADMF™ capture and our ultra-high-resolution Visualization Environment, Arivu™, which offers immersive, lifelike viewings. In this sophisticated visualization experience, viewers can take in the brushstroke details and explore the evidence of the artist's hand. It’s the closest you'll get to showing the work in person - without the logistics.

Collectors who wish to keep an important painting in secure storage, or who wish to donate a work to a museum, can continue to enjoy an emotional connection to the precious piece with a high-fidelity textured replication created directly from the original. The replications are a precise rendering of the artists brushstrokes in both colour and texture, durable enough to hang on a yacht yet so nearly-perfect that only you will know the original is safely stored. 

Collectors, as custodians of culturally significant works, will appreciate the role the ADMF™ data can play in digitally preserving paintings, ensuring they maintain their rightful place in history and enabling the best possible conservation for the future.


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Arius ultra-high-resolution scanning technology is currently installed at Crozier facilities in New York and London, with future installations planned for Geneva and Los Angeles.

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Invest in The Art Technology of Tomorrow

Seamless visualization in just the beginning. The ADMF™ is a powerful tool for art collection stewardship, providing unparalleled detail of an artwork, unlocking countless possibilities. 

Providing the richest data set for digital archiving, the ADMF™ data holds the promise to become the cornerstone of multi-factor authentication, linked to traditional provenance documentation. As a unique digital fingerprint of a work, it has tremendous potential for fraud prevention and detection.

ADMF™ data provides verifiable blockchain registration for masterworks, which opens up the opportunity to ‘sample’ physical works for digital art creation.

Art Digital Master Files (ADMF™)


At the core of the technology, our Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) platform will transform analytics, documentation, replication and visualization of art, bringing art collectors into the digital age of art preservation and stewardship.

Our ultra-high-resolution 3D colour laser data capture system simultaneously measures the geometry and colour of a painting’s surface, recording millions of data points. 

The ADMF™ data, stored digitally in much the same way as a master music recording, has many uses.

It can be embedded in online viewing rooms to provide brushstroke level visualization; developed into comprehensive condition reports and restoration plans; and printed as highly accurate textured replications that represent every movement and carefully considered colour choice of the artist.

Arius is the ultra-high-resolution link between the physical and digital art worlds. ADMF™ data enables verifiable blockchain registration and the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects, opening up the possibility of digital trade in physical art.

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