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Setting New Standards

With hundreds of millions of data points for reference, the Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data is poised to become the gold standard in condition analytics. 

Our pioneering 3D mapping and digitization process records surface colour and geometry to <10 microns, helping to reveal information that’s invisible to the human eye.

ADMF data is also timestamped to create a benchmark for future condition analysis reports and comparisons, which are especially useful to monitor for damage and authenticity.

Museums, artists and collectors can rest assured that our team treats the safety of artwork as a top priority. Working closely with world-leading conservators, our system has been designed to never touch the surface of the painting and has been built with unique stabilization and safety features that will protect even the most precious of artworks. From Van Gogh to Monet, works from the great masters have already graced our platforms.

Our engineers are also exploring additional data collection techniques, as our patent-pending system has been designed to potentially house other conservation technology, such as X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) or multispectral imaging.


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