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With many complex factors coming into play regarding the value of an artwork, we’ve developed technology which can be adopted by insurance providers and financial institutions to help eliminate or foresee the risks facing art. 

Using Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data to produce condition reports that map millions of data points from the surface of a painting, we can help detect and monitor condition changes over time and compare records in the event of damage, degradation or loss and recovery.

Art insurers can reduce claim payouts by safeguarding against unforeseen risks with high-fidelity textured replications that capture the texture and colour of every brushstroke, which can be enjoyed anywhere in the world while the original remains safety stored in a specialist facility.

Condition Analysis

Art insurers can utilize ultra-high-fidelity scan data, which captures details as fine as 1/10th of a human hair to reveal undetected damage before underwritring.

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Provenance Data

The ADMF data provides  digital fingerprints of painting surfaces, helping combat art fraud by aiding detection of forgeries and underpinning provenance.

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Textured Replications

Reduce claim payouts with our textured replications that offer collectors the ability to safely store the original while still being able to enjoy hanging a near-perfect textured replications on their wall. 

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After drugs and guns, it is said that art theft is the biggest criminal enterprise in the world.

Newsweek, 7/22/14

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