Arius offers artists a unique space to explore new opportunities in the realm where art meets technology. From reaching new audiences, to experimenting with new mediums, and to protecting the future provenance of their body of work, our application is diverse and exciting.

Our Verus Art collection of contemporary reproductions has been born from a passion to take art “from studios to home”. For artists who’ve never felt satisfied offering followers giclee-style prints, our textured art prints will remain true to original textures and therefore an artist’s intent, while reaching wider audiences through a network of carefully selected boutique retailers.

Through our alta brand, artists are invited to work in collaboration with our art production team to entwine analog mediums with digital transformation to create new editions of textured Elegraph™ prints. A true extension of their traditional body of work, our process is printmaking for the digital age, offering experimentation and the opportunity to reach a different collector base with limited print editions. 

Original Art Creation 

Combining left and right sides of the brain, Arius’ team of art engineers offer an exciting opportunity for professional artists to combine digital and analog mediums to create textured fine art Elegraph™ print editions. 

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Textured Reproductions

Our pioneering technology measures detail as fine as one-tenth of a human hair, allowing us to capture all the complexity and emotion in an original artwork. providing contemporary artists the opportunity to reach new audiences with textured limited edition prints.

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Provenance Data

Working with the blockchain-based Artory Registry, Arius can provide digital fingerprints of painting surfaces, helping combat art fraud by aiding detection of forgeries and underpinning provenance.

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“Art lovers that appreciate and desire my work who may not have the budget or means for original pieces can get the same

for a fraction of the cost and enjoy it within their budget.”

Deb Chaney, Artist Vancouver, BC