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In an ever-changing art market, we are working closely with fine art galleries, offering exciting new opportunities to their roster of artists in the way of creation and textured replications. 

We’re also excited to offer galleries an exciting opportunity to expand their reach through the power of prints, either in the form of textured art replications or by offering artist-exclusive collaboration opportunities with our fine art printmaking brand, alta. 

Recently partnering with Artory, our Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data is being tokenized to be included within their blockchain-based Artory Registry. In a bid to help make the art market more transparent and accessible, while meeting the demand from art collectors to have more access to data, we can empower buyers and sellers to best understand and predict the value of artwork and aid in provenance.

Original Art Creation 

Combining left and right sides of the brain, Arius’ team of art engineers offer an exciting opportunity for professional artists to combine digital and analog mediums to create textured fine art Elegraph™ print editions. 

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Textured Replications

Our pioneering technology measures detail as fine as one-tenth of a human hair, allowing us to capture all the complexity and emotion in an original artwork, providing the opportunity to reach new audiences with textured Limited Edition prints.

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Provenance Data

Working with the blockchain-based Artory Registry, Arius can provide digital fingerprints of painting surfaces, helping combat art fraud by aiding detection of forgeries and underpinning provenance.

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“What makes the Elegraph interesting to me as a printmaker and a painter, is that I can really look at geometric forms through another dimension, and that dimension really comes through a real and immediate way. Even though I’m working on a traditional medium on the base plate, the thought process is that at some point it can be digitized so I can then push that medium further.” 

Amir Hariri - Artist & Printmaker, NYC

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