At Arius we appreciate that art investments are closely tied to emotional values as much as financial incentives. Therefore we’ve developed ways to adapt our technology to help collectors ensure they can enjoy their artwork anywhere in the world while making sure it’s safely stored and protected for generations to come.

With Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) data that captures surface data as fine as 1/10th a human hair, we’re setting new standards for condition analysis by helping conservators detect even the earliest signs of degradation. In return, the best preservation plans can be prescribed to prevent decay and, potentially, deterioration in value. 

Should artwork be too precious to go on display, or a collector be financially obliged to keep artwork in storage, our high-fidelity textured reproductions allow artworks to be admired anywhere in the world. Whether it’s onboard a superyacht, in a boardroom or in multiple homes around the world, we offer an ideal compromise to keep your artwork safe and admire it. 

Condition Analysis

Utilize ultra-high-fidelity scan data, which captures details as fine as 1/10th of a human hair, to detect even the earliest signs of degradation that may impact value, or use the data to plan a conservation project.

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Preservation & Archiving

ADMF data is essentially a high-fidelity digital fingerprint, assisting the preservation of artworks for future generations, even in the face of unforeseen damage and natural degradation.

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Textured Reproductions

Art collectors can now enjoy high-fidelity textured reproductions that capture the colour and geometry of every brushstroke while storing originals securely within a specialized art storage facility. 

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“It’s the richest reprographic technology on the planet today.”

Stephen Gritt, Director of Conservation and Technical Research, National Gallery of Canada