Our Community Outreach Program

A new way to overcome the barriers of accessibility 

The great masterpieces we all know and love will remain in the care of museums, places that only a small percentage of people will visit and experience in person. We collaborate with museums and galleries to ethically, and responsibly, create textured replications of artwork by some of the world’s most loved artists. These pieces can be experienced through touch as well as sight, can safely travel to remote locations, and bring increased awareness and enjoyment to communities.

Bringing the Museum into Class

Organizing school trips to museums and galleries can be difficult and expensive. With re-creations of masterpieces, we are making art accessible by taking art from museums into the classroom.

Discovering the Great Masters

We use our replications to demonstrate how painting styles have changed over time. Children also learn about the styles of individual artists, including Vermeer and Vincent van Gogh.

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Hands-On and Multi-Sensory 

With touchable textured replications, children get to see and feel the brushstrokes of an artist. It’s a far more engaging and interactive experience for children rather than looking at screens or textbooks!

With pieces from the National Gallery of Canada’s collection, we introduce the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, inspiring children to paint in their local landscapes.

Inspired by Canadian Heroes
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Embracing New Technology

In addition to art, we explain the 3D mapping and printing technology behind the paintings – inspiring future engineers as well as artists.

Ensuring the experience has a lasting impact, we provide fun and informative colouring sheets of the masterpieces the children have learned about.

Giving Back to the Community


It’s a great opportunity for kids to see art. Art doesn’t get done enough in the school system… so it’s a great opportunity for kids to see what’s possible and to be motivated and inspired, and hopefully, follow their dreams and passions… to become artists one day.”

Vital Peeters, Vice Principal of Lord Selkirk Elementary school