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Arius has developed proprietary ultra-high-resolution art capture technology, which accurately records the surface colour and geometry of paintings and art objects.

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Endorsed by world-leading conservators, our data-rich Digital Master Files are ready to be utilized by a number of disciplines in the art world – from conservation and restoration to creation and replication.

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Elevated Printing

Discover elevated printing services

designed to enable digital and physical artists to create original prints with texture or highly accurate replications. 

Arius is home to Canon’s only high-elevation printer in North America. 

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Elegraph Printmaking

Combining left and right sides of the brain, Arius’ team of art engineers offer an exciting opportunity for professional artists to combine digital and analog mediums to create textured fine art Elegraph™ print editions. 

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Textured Replications

Our textured replications offer the art world endless opportunities from helping artists reach wider audiences, to helping museums create tactile exhibitions that can leave museum walls, to revenue opportunities.

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Crozier Fine Art Logistics

In partnership with Crozier, a global leader in fine arts logistics, Arius is providing art collectors and gallerists access to ultra-high-resolution scanning and visualization technology, previously unavailable to the art world.

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Condition Analysis

Conservators can utilize ultra-high-fidelity scan data, which captures details as fine as 1/10 of a human hair. Even the earliest signs of degradation can be detected without touching the painting surface.

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Link NFTs to Physical Art

ADMF™ data can be tokenized in the blockchain. The scan links the ADMF™ data to the physical piece and any traditional provenance material associated with that work. It enables the direct linking of NFTs to physical art objects, opening up the possibility of digital trade in physical art.

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Preservation & Archiving

Arius Digital Master Files are essentially high-fidelity digital benchmarks, assisting the preservation of artworks for future generations, even in the face of unforeseen damage and natural degradation.

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Digital Restoration 

Utilize Arius Digital Master Files to digitally turn back time on artwork. Together we can develop and implement virtual restoration plans and prototypes, before even touching the surface of the original artwork.

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Provenance Data

Working with blockchain-based Artory Registry, Arius can provide digital fingerprints of painting surfaces, helping combat art fraud by aiding detection of forgeries and underpinning provenance.

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